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OMNI Puerto Aventuras Beach Resort (Mexico)



Beautiful Indonesian Sunset

South Africa (Day)

South Africa (Night)


Monkey Forest, Bali, Indonesia

The Milky Way Framed by Palm Trees in Paradise

From the Night Palm Series

Scuba Divers

Lunar eclipse, time lapsed and colored


Marine Iguana basks in the sunset in the Galapagos

Baby and mamma

Contrasting the old and the new. Chinese monks take in the views of Singapore

Ancient Balinese artifact

Cape Gannets in South Africa

Balinese temple at sunset

Rice Terraces, Bali, Indonesia

Water Like Silk

Water & sky

Scuba Tanks Under The Night Sky

Clay steps

French street carnival

Sky & steps

Red Boat Under a Perfect Night Sky

Indonesian sunset with volcano and fisherman


Colorful Caribbean window