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Cape Gannet and dive boat, South Africa

Great White Shark

Beautiful reefs of Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Diver Over The Rich Reefs of Remote Indonesia

Atlantic sailfish silhouette

A turtle takes "flight"

Coral reef and sun rays

Bronze Whaler Sharks At The Sardine Run, South Africa

Mesmerizing light piercing through a sink hole in a Mexican cenote

Reef and volcano

Soft Coral and an Abundance of Life

Dolphins & sharks feeding on a baitball, Sardine Run, South Africa

When turtles fly

Large manta ray soaring in the blue

Light Rays Dancing Around Colorful Corals

Coral and scuba diver


Diver descending on a deep reef

Dusky shark

Manta Ray overhead

A true "fisheye" view

Clownfish in a colorful anemone

Definition of paradise

Turtle, Ramora & Diver

The sea, the sky and the stars

Coral in the currents

Lionfish against the sun, water and coral

Shallow waterfall from under and above

Schooling Hammerhead Sharks in the Galapagos Islands

Goby on wire coral